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IO2 Technology produces patented and proprietary Holographic and Mid-Air Media Solutions for over a decade, including releasing the worlds first interactive free-display. Our current technologies, systems and solutions incorporate the industries smallest form-factor, weight, energy consumption, along with highest resolution, and specifications to match a wide range of project applications across major industries.                         

Back in the year 2000, the first five-inch Heliodisplay was developed enabling a new virtual mid-air touch-screen interface. This became the first and only interactive free-space system at the time. Our system was made public in 2003 garnering considerable media attention.  In historical context, IO2's mid-air display was released in a period when most computers still were being sold with cathode-ray tube monitors, and computer mice were cabled. No such thing as gesture control existed. However at the time, IO2 had a first-generation mid-air touch-screen utilizing our then primitive optical tracking system. The “hologram” market was something that did not yet exist.

Today, IO2 provides domain specific solutions using multi-flow patented and proprietary technology, including other platforms providing novel solutions for companies across industries. All of our projects are designed in-house, in California, with focus to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. We primarily entertain requests from known entities.

 IO2 systems are solely supplied by IO2. Any other website or company claiming to sell free-space displays or IO2 systems are not affiliated or authorized unless stated directly by IO2.  IO2 Technology is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, with a capable staff to deploy projects and systems worldwide.

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If you wish to engage our company for projects we recommend sending requests via your company email along with specific proposal request including relevant information versus open-ended inquiries. 

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